Monday, January 24, 2011

Saitek R660 GT Steering Wheel

For some gamers, using a range of auxiliary devices joystick or gamepad game is one of the obligations for the sake of adding a realistic impression when playing your favorite games. Especially for racing games, there is a special device called a Steering Wheel that its form of racing car steering wheel. One of the best steering wheel is a Saitek R660 GT. 

Saitek Package G660 GT comes in 2 modules that are interconnected: module-gear steering wheel and gas pedal-brake module. Both modules are created separately according to the location of its functions. Steering wheel mounted on the table, while the pedals are placed underneath. Both modules are connected channeled through a special cable similar to the LAN. To install the wheel on the table added to the steering wheel clamp that makes seat firmly enough on the table so that you can freely rotate the wheel without fear apart. Grip on the steering wheel also feels solid thanks to some rubber material coating.

Prior to work properly, we must perform a useful default driver installation for computer synchronization with the steering wheel, including to enable the force feedback or vibration feature as an addition to realistic effect. Yes, this resonance effect will add a fun game because when the car is driven, cornering, or hit the tremors will be felt in our hands. In addition designed for racing games but the steering wheel of this kind was also able to function on other types of game eg fighting or shooting like Mortal Kombat or Raiden. But, of course a bit strange to use the steering wheel for these types of games. 

To find this level of comfort Steering Wheel, used in racing games like GRID and GT Turbo. In the game, Steering Wheel can be modified selection input from the keyboard to the steering wheel on the configuration control. In the new racing game there is usually a device that can detect directly and will ask you to specify the use of the steering wheel buttons section. At R660 GT there are 4 buttons press that sorted with numbers and two Formula 1-style pedals that usually serves to change gear up or down. The existence of direct navigation buttons on the steering wheel allows us to more concentrate on playing for the hand did not have to move.


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