Saturday, January 22, 2011

Marine Cooling, a new technology from Asus Motherboard


A new innovation introduced by the company's leading motherboard manufacturer, Asus, some time ago. This time, Asus, trying to leave the traditional ingredients and began applying the technology called cooling modules for the newest motherboard series. 

Cooling material used consisted of two types of materials, namely ceramics and metal. This is done to double the cooling efficiency to allow use in extreme environments, such as humidity and high heat. Clad in gray and army green metallic accents, the heatsink steel shaped like a military vehicle that represents the sturdiness and durability. According to Asus, the overall design of the stick will emit impression-class technology and durability of the military. 

The motherboard is also equipped with features Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) integration, using polymer batteries to supply electrical power during a power failure. Facilitation in the end, helps prevent damage to the integrated component, preventing loss of important files, preventing destruction of data due to the current and voltage fluctuation and avoid unexpected outages. 

Fail facility over memory serves to further support the long operation. Design standards Failover Memory on the motherboard cool marine uses an integrated memory which will help to continue the process of booting the system when an error occurs in the additional memory. Other uses from Memory Failover is to ensure that the system will still boot even if there is an incompatible memory or damaged. 

At the front of the motherboard can be found a metal heatpipe module that channel and remove heat from critical components. While the ceramic plate located on the back of the motherboard (integrated with the printed circuit board) using a micro-porous ceramic technology to provide a larger cooling area. These conditions will ultimately help to remove heat with high effectiveness. Asus states that the design of such cooling is expected to boost the cooling efficiency up to two-fold.


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