Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Foxconn 8600GT-256F

G84 chips for game lovers were coded GeForce 8600GT, generally have a lot in to the market at this computer. Sample GeForce 8600GT that have been circulating in Indonesia is the Foxconn 8600GT-256F. As a faithful manufacturer of nVidia GeForce 8600GT Foxconn has optimized the design. For example with a modified layout of components and HSF is more qualified. With the specifications of Nvidia GeForce graphics cards 8600GT and have graphical clock and memory clock respectively 540 and 700 MHz, this  
Foxconn graphics card is ideal for playing games on the computer. Aside from these specifications Foxconn is also supported by video memory with a capacity of 256MB DDR3 Interface type PCL-E x16. Foxconn also exchanged a DVI output port with D-Sub port to accommodate the needs of users.
For Performance, 8600GT is powerful enough in OpenGL applications. On the creative 3D and rendering applications, its performance slightly behind the 2600XT. But certainly not a problem considering the target users are the mainstream gamers.


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