Sunday, January 9, 2011

Don`t be afraid to do online shop

While the world has been hit by the economic recession in 2010 yesterday, consumers who do online shopping through internet media more precisely now and growing. At least this fact indicated by Visa International, which is a payment service provider company that has a worldwide network. In they latest research about online shopping trends, better known by the term e-commerce in the Asia Pacific and Japan.

Visa research the six countries comprising China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Australia and India to find out information about the behavior of public spending over the internet. Including to find out what preference for someone who can push for online shopping. And the results also proved very interesting.

Of the total 8000 respondents, almost 90 percent of whom said they had to do shopping online in the last 10 to 16 months. Of the six State, South Korea, China, Japan and Australia are the country most active in doing online shopping from the public. Visa research has also found that the main reason people want to do shopping online is the flexibility of time. Of all the respondents who have done online shopping admitted to doing this activity, whenever and wherever he wants without having constrained by time and place.

Interestingly, although closely related to technology, they are online just not on electronic devices but on clothes, shoes and books.

Therefore, the growth of online shopping happens at this time the system is driven by increasingly safe online Transactions. The system is secure is to grow the trust of people to shop on the internet, and reinforcing it with a visa system where frauding verified by visa can be minimized.


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