Friday, February 4, 2011

Frankencamera, a camera with the Linux Operating System

Now not only the PC or notebook that can be fitted with an operating system (OS) open source. Frankencamera, so the camera is named, may be the first to adopt kamerapa Linux operating system which is an open source software. The purpose of making Frankencamera none other for the camera is no longer limited by various software innate specific camera manufacturer. 

Andrew Adams and Marc Levoy which is a student and professor in the department of computer science at Stanford Engineering is two people who were behind the creation of Frankencamera. As with the open source operating system, programmers can write program code or algorithms to process different images. In fact, the same class can compete with Cannon or Nikon camera. 

Frankencamera consists of nokia N95 mobile phone camera modules, electronic circuit boards, and a pair of Canon lenses. Camera type DLSR camera allows the owner to control all the existing features, including focus, lens speed, and flash can be programmed via software alone. 

The ability of this camera can be proved using a specific algorithm. For example, a camera that can record low-resolution video at 30 frames per second, will be combined with the results of shooting still images periodically camera into the video frame. Interestingly, this camera also can be connected to the Internet. This project has received support from Nokia, Adobe Systems, Kodak, and Hewlett Packard.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

MSI O35 Neo2-FR


P35 Neo2-FR is a variant of the output MSI motherboard that uses Intel's P35 chipset. When compared, the most obvious physical difference with the MSI motherboard IP35 that has a chipset other is a form of the heatsink. Heatsink on this motherboard looks much simpler than the circular design which used the motherboard MSI Platinum version. One of the positive value of this simple heatsink design is to make installation easier because it does not make the space becomes narrow. 

In addition to heatsink design, the facilities offered are not much different motherboard with the MSI motherboard output its IP35 series. What is certain is the support processors up to Core 2 Quad that is safe enough to use until several years into the future. PCI Express x16 slot as much as 2 already supports CrossFire dual graphics card technology. It's just that the bandwidth offered is not full, the first slot has a bandwidth of x16 while the second one just x4. As for maximum memory capacity that can be used is up to 8 GB which consists of 4 slots. While on the rear panel, we will see there is a port PS / 2 for keyboard and mouse, as much as 6 USB ports, gigabit LAN, eSATA, and audio. 

Although LEDs do not have debugging code, MSI with clever use as indicator lights. Located on each side of the expansion slot as well as areas of battery and the jumper would be a good marker of whether the component works or not. Of course this is easier if something goes wrong or defective components. In this, prove that the motherboard MSI Neo2-FR with also be invited to have fun with overcloackingnya a dynamic capability. High Performance on gaming-based applications will be another added value for those who want to build a gaming PC.

Sapphire FireGL V5600

For middle-class graphics card, ATI preparing FireGL V5600 variants. One is the output Sapphire also discussed by many people. Same as version value, the middle version of this graphics processor that is used is also RV630. However, unlike the V3600 and V5600 is similar with the Radeon HD2600XT.
On board VGA ATI distinctive red, Sapphire puts the video memory of 512MB that when working with the heatsink fan assisted cooling that works as well as cool the core and VGA memory.  

Unfortunately, memory chips found on the back of the board does not get cooling. Heatsink fan that is used is also a reference from ATI as used in the original version of the Radeon HD2600XT. Although quite capable, but when it works, the heatsink feels quite hot to the touch. It can be said is relatively normal due to the VGA sucking power to 75 watts when full. V3600 own a maximum of only 50 watts of sucking power.
From the specification, not much of a difference that this variant is owned by his brother in the version value. In addition to the type of video memory, and installed capacity, only the clock and memory is a little different. From the performance side of the V5600 is able to provide excellent performance for a middle-class professional graphics card. Very interesting for users who have the budget was not too expensive.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Kingston Memory for Intel Core i5

For the first time, flushing Kingston 2133 MHz memory, a memory that target users of the Intel Core i5. In addition to Core i5, Kingston HyperX 2133 MHz is 1.65 volt voltage is also used as a support system Intel Core i7 LGA 1156. 

HyperX XMP product was launched in several different clock frequencies to suit users of all levels. For the series 4 GB kits, provided frequencies 1333, 1600, and 2133 MHz. Later, Kingston will also launch a series of 8 GB kits with two frequencies, namely 1333 and 1600 MHz. This last series is perfect for users who want to benefit 64-bit operating system. 

Intel is working together with Kingston's HyperX memory in a testing platform for use on i5 and P55 chipsets. Results show the seriousness of Intel in collaboration with Kingston on memory, especially in dual-channel kits at the level of high-performance. The combination of Kingston HyperX and Core i5 using Nehalem architecture provides excellent performance for mainstream users and enthusiasts. 

In this case, Kingston has been working internationally with various partners such as Intel, Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI. Some motherboards also be released following the 4 GB of HyperX memory of this. 2133 MHz module is designed for the benchmakers and overclockers, while the 1600 MHz frequency can be the best alternative for the mainstream who want to build their own system using a P55 motherboard and processor-pin 1156. 

In general, XMP Kingston 4 GB dual-channel 2133 MHz CL8 kit is the best option for the ultra-enthusiast who is ready to use Intel's Core i5 platform in performance overclocking memory. All part numbers beginning with the abbreviation KHX HyperX and followed by frequency module in order to facilitate the users.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

WinFast Quadro FX 1700

As far as observation has ever done on this graphics card, the Quadro only occasionally seen in computer sales center in the Asia Pacific region, particularly in Indonesia. Apart from Matrox is also not too much availability, Quadro graphics card into one of the middle class to be reckoned with in the market. Quadro FX 1700 is a relatively new product from Nvidia, and are directly present in the market are owned by Leadtek WinFast.
By design, the VGA is similar to the GeForce 8600GT. Not surprisingly considering the G84 chip that is embedded as well as on the 8600GT. Quadro FX 1700 that we see also the reference heatsink fan that just covers the GPU core only. No to both video memory installed on the front or the rear board. Materials are not as fancy as using for owned FireGL V3600 or V5600. However, this does not become a big problem because when working in full load condition even if the heat generated is relatively low. From the information available, while working full, this graphics card only uses 42 watts maximum power only. Lowest among the VGA that we often encounter.

Regarding performance, this graphics card powerful enough to run various kinds of professional 3D applications 3ds Max, Catia, and Pro / Engineer.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Qi: Wireless Phone Battery Charge

Soon, the phone will charge the battery as easy to charge an electric toothbrush. Users simply place it in a kind of flat-shaped pad or place. This is thanks to the power charging wireless standard that was fought vigorously by the Wireless Power Consortium. 

Standard Power Wireless charging which will include the global environment is intended for low-power devices (about 5 watts or less). Mobile phones and personal music players are among these devices. Qi that is read with the word Chi means energy as an energy flow in the human body in Chinese culture. 

When this standard is successful, the user mobile phone or other device to charge the battery just by putting these devices on a flat container. Furthermore, electric power will be channeled through the process of electromagnetic induction. There is no electrical contact with an intermediary cable between the device and pad. 

Within a period of 7 months, the consortium has succeeded in raising standards up to version 0.95 for interoperability testing and is now making trademark of Qi as a standard wireless power the world's first universal. So it can be predicted that the operation of Qi will be one of the best in the world. 

As an example of why Qi is very useful, when we are at a coffee shop, we can download our electronic device charger if the owner of the coffee shop provides for the wireless charging pad at each table that exists. That way, visitors can more easily charge the battery of his mobile phone or notebook. Not just in coffee shops, restaurants and cafes, perhaps the owner of the hotel or airline companies also can benefit from this wireless power supply devices. 

Pre Palm actually already launched the first mobile phone with wireless charging. But from the observations IMS Research, a wireless charger that can supply power to various devices not only ogled the phone would be more than capable of supplying only 1 piece of the device alone.

Asus Formula Maximus Special Edition

When overclocking, the temperature of all components will increase, ranging from the processor, memory, graphics card and even the motherboard chipset. To cool the chipset, motherboard manufacturers usually rely on the use of cooling cum large. But Asus breaking limitations by releasing Maxiums Formula Special Edition is equipped with fusion waterblock for the northbridge. 

Waterblock fusion is a combination of air and water cooling for the chipset. In standard conditions, northbridge cooling is not more than usual passive cooling, with MOSFET cooling, northbridge, and southbridge are made to connect and converge. But unique was the conduit for plugging the hose which contains special cooling cairin. Facilitation allows us to do pendinginanyang more extreme for the chipset, which will hopefully make the motherboard stability when operating at high frequency is maintained. 

Asus Maximus Formula Special Edition (AFMSE) itself uses artificial intel chipset that is Intel's latest X38, namuntetap use DDR2 memory types. Although his memory is still relatively long generation, other facilities are relatively new. Among the support 45 nm processors with the architecture, support for PCI Express x16 graphics card version 2.0, and supports CrossFire mode. ASUS audio Affairs FMSE appear somewhat different, not using an integrated sound system, but using the expansion SupremeFX II sound card that uses PCIe x1 slots. 

Facilities for other overclocking support comes in the form of clear CMOS button on the back. This is a little more help to those who like to experiment to tamper with the BIOS and have positioned the motherboard into the chassis. While in the corner of Southbridge area is also equipped with the power button and reset. One more interesting from Asus FMSE is the existence of an LCD panel that displays information on all activities when the PC is running. If you typically view that there be a code number, this time code display in the form of the word. For example, if something goes wrong in the BIOS / CMOS it will be displayed with the code "CMOS ERR" so that it will make users more clearly. In FMSE Asus also contains codes and descriptions listed in the manual. 

Asus Maximus Formula Special Edition is intended for enthusiast overclocking thanks to the inclusion of facilities. Luxury and convenience of those who indulge a hobby tinkering to improve performance standards.