Friday, February 4, 2011

Frankencamera, a camera with the Linux Operating System

Now not only the PC or notebook that can be fitted with an operating system (OS) open source. Frankencamera, so the camera is named, may be the first to adopt kamerapa Linux operating system which is an open source software. The purpose of making Frankencamera none other for the camera is no longer limited by various software innate specific camera manufacturer. 

Andrew Adams and Marc Levoy which is a student and professor in the department of computer science at Stanford Engineering is two people who were behind the creation of Frankencamera. As with the open source operating system, programmers can write program code or algorithms to process different images. In fact, the same class can compete with Cannon or Nikon camera. 

Frankencamera consists of nokia N95 mobile phone camera modules, electronic circuit boards, and a pair of Canon lenses. Camera type DLSR camera allows the owner to control all the existing features, including focus, lens speed, and flash can be programmed via software alone. 

The ability of this camera can be proved using a specific algorithm. For example, a camera that can record low-resolution video at 30 frames per second, will be combined with the results of shooting still images periodically camera into the video frame. Interestingly, this camera also can be connected to the Internet. This project has received support from Nokia, Adobe Systems, Kodak, and Hewlett Packard.