Sunday, January 30, 2011

MSI O35 Neo2-FR


P35 Neo2-FR is a variant of the output MSI motherboard that uses Intel's P35 chipset. When compared, the most obvious physical difference with the MSI motherboard IP35 that has a chipset other is a form of the heatsink. Heatsink on this motherboard looks much simpler than the circular design which used the motherboard MSI Platinum version. One of the positive value of this simple heatsink design is to make installation easier because it does not make the space becomes narrow. 

In addition to heatsink design, the facilities offered are not much different motherboard with the MSI motherboard output its IP35 series. What is certain is the support processors up to Core 2 Quad that is safe enough to use until several years into the future. PCI Express x16 slot as much as 2 already supports CrossFire dual graphics card technology. It's just that the bandwidth offered is not full, the first slot has a bandwidth of x16 while the second one just x4. As for maximum memory capacity that can be used is up to 8 GB which consists of 4 slots. While on the rear panel, we will see there is a port PS / 2 for keyboard and mouse, as much as 6 USB ports, gigabit LAN, eSATA, and audio. 

Although LEDs do not have debugging code, MSI with clever use as indicator lights. Located on each side of the expansion slot as well as areas of battery and the jumper would be a good marker of whether the component works or not. Of course this is easier if something goes wrong or defective components. In this, prove that the motherboard MSI Neo2-FR with also be invited to have fun with overcloackingnya a dynamic capability. High Performance on gaming-based applications will be another added value for those who want to build a gaming PC.


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