Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lynnfield, a processor which defeat the world

Early September last year the company famous in the world processor, Intel officially released three desktop processors to a few technology products that exist in the world. Three processors were drawn from a previous product that is Core i7 and Core i5 who have used the socket LGA1156. Processor code-named Lynnfield is already very long been talked about and awaited by many people because it marks an artistic presence micro architecture of the producer to a broader segment.

Despite having a similar naming among the three processors, three Lynnfield processor has the advantage of a different architecture than Bloomfield. Some of the differences between Lynnfield and Bloomfield is Lynnfield only supports two-channel memory system, while Bloomfield support for three channels in the memory system. In addition, at Lynnfield not have a liaison between the processor and the chipset or the more we are familiar with the term QPI (Quick Path Interconnect) in Bloomfield. Instead, supported by the interconnection Lynnfield DMI (Digital Media Interace) who appears to have a lower speed than the QPI, each at 2 GB / s for DMI and 26 GB / s for QPI.

These significant differences affect the difference between Lynnfield and Bloomfield socket, which resulted in the system on computers that have basic Lynnfield then we must replace the entire system if you want to use the system Bloomfield, perhaps because of the huge potential that lies in these differences, Lynnfield immediately well-received by some motherboard manufacturers in the world. Asus, MSI and Gigabyte are the manufacturer who is ready to support the system Lynnfield to be marketed in the world.


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